Merton Park Primary School

Year 2

In Year 2 we aim to foster a love of learning.  Our engaging units of work are subjects .  At the heart of our topics are fantastic books that are carefully selected for their links to the topic as well as for the quality of the text and/or pictures.

Meet the Year 2 team!

Year 2 (ID 1055)


Phonics is taught every day in a fun, interactive way using games and engaging resources following the 'Read, Write Inc.' programme.

Children are monitored on their ability to recognise key words in their reading and are encouraged to start spelling these correctly in independent writing.

Maths is taught daily and we support the children in acquiring important number skills such as counting, sequencing and number bonds.  We teach mastery in maths using the White Rose materials - which focus on fluency, reasoning and problem-solving. Children are encouraged to apply their number skills in many aspects of their learning e.g. science and ICT. 

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Knowledge organisers

Knowledge organisers are a summary of the key facts and essential knowledge that pupils need about a unit of work or a curriculum subject. They contain the information broken down into easily digestible chunks.

It is also important to state what a knowledge organiser is not: Knowledge organisers are not a curriculum. It’s best to think of them as tools to help the children. 

Knowledge organisers can be a valuable tool for both children, staff and parents. Our subject leaders create the knowledge organisers, to set out their expectations of what pupils should learn about a topic and to clarify their thinking about what is important.

Subject leaders look at a series of knowledge organisers to check for progression and continuity both within and across curriculum subjects and to ensure standards and expectations for learning are being implemented.

Pupils will review, revise and quiz themselves using their knowledge organisers.

Finally, knowledge organisers are a really clear and easy to understand way for parents to be more aware of what their children are learning at primary school and thus to support them.

Science History Geography
Astronomy Great Fire of London Continents & Oceans
Materials and Matter John Innes/Merton Park Hot and Cold regions
Plants Significant individuals London and Nairobi

 Living things and their environments

 The Human body