Merton Park Primary School


Teaching staff
Mr A. Knox Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead, Curriculum, Teaching & Learning, Assessment, Attendance, Behaviour, Mental Health lead, PSHE/RSHE lead teacher
Mrs D. Hastings Deputy Headteacher and Inclusion Leader; Maths subject lead, School Council, Inclusion, SEND, Pupil Premium
Mr J. Hunt Yr 6 teacher; English lead teacher
Mr A. Tagg Yr 5 teacher;  PE & Geography lead teacher
Miss N. Gillan Yr 4 teacher; Computing & Music lead teacher

Mrs C. Coughlan

Mrs Attwood

Yr 3 teacher (Mon - Tues); Science lead teacher

Yr 3 teacher (Wed - Fri)

Miss M. McGrath

Yr 2 teacher 

Miss H. Potter

Yr 1 teacher, Phonics & History lead teacher

Mrs A. McGovern


Yr R teacher (Wed - Fri);  Early Years Lead Teacher; Design Technology lead teacher

Mrs G. Waro

Yr R teacher (Mon - Tues); R.E lead teacher

Mrs T. Hamilton

Nursery teacher, Art lead teacher

Mrs C. Clarke

French teacher, Yrs 1 - 6, Thursday

Teaching Assistants
Miss L. Goodison Nursery Nurse & Base Club (After school Club)
Mrs A. Downer Nursery TA
Miss A. De'Ath Reception class TA & Library lead
Mrs M. Conroy Yr 1  TA
Mrs S. Bisson Yr 1 & 3 TA 
Mrs W. Longman Yr 2 TA
Mrs D. Walker

HLTA for PPA cover

Mrs D. Pullen

Yr 3 & Yr 4 TA,  Breakfast Club and Base Club (After school club)

Mrs L. Saunders Y3 3 TA and ELSA 
Mrs A. McAllister YR & Y6 1:1
Mrs R. Hayter YR & Y6 1:1
Miss L. Garrett TA
Mrs E. Ahern Y2 1:1 TA, Breakfast Club & Base Club Beginners (After School club)
Mrs C. Josey Year 5 & 6 TA
Mrs D.  Tripathi Early Years TA
Mrs S. Rahman Base club (After school club)
Base club (After school club) 
Base club (After school club)
Office Staff
Mrs L. Miller School Business Manager
Mrs O. Tripp Senior Admin Officer
Mrs A. Hersey Finance & Admin assistant and Breakfast & After School club Admin Assistant
Mrs N. Canning Admin assistant
Site manager Mr L. Hare
Additional lunchtime play supervisors

Mrs R. Kulasy