Merton Park Primary School

Merton School PrimaryMerton School Primary

Pupils do exceptionally well at this school, in terms of both their academic and personal development.

Leaders, including governors, are relentless in their ambition to make this school the best it can be.

The behaviour of pupils is outstanding. Pupils have excellent attitudes to learning. They work hard at all times and persevere with tasks that are frequently challenging.

The warm, mutually supportive relationships that staff and pupils have with each other make this a very caring, nurturing school.

Provision in the Early Years is outstanding. Children make rapid and sustained progress due to excellent teaching and imaginative activities.

The curriculum is excellent. It promotes a real love for learning in pupils, as they have many opportunities to develop their knowledge and skills within a real-life context.

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The governors of Merton Park Primary School play an important part in supporting and assisting the head teacher and her team with the management of the School. Many of our governors are parents, but others are nominated by the council or are supporters of the school from the local community. There is at least one member of staff on the governing body, in addition to the Headteacher.

What do Governors Do?

Governors act as a critical friend to the Head Teacher and school.  They:

  • Support and challenge the head teacher
  • Ensure that the school is accountable to: the children and parents it serves; to the local community and to those who fund and maintain it; to the staff it employs
  • Monitor school performance, gathering evidence to show what progress is being made towards strategic priorities, targets and the implementation of policies
  • Work in close partnership with the head teacher and take advice from her before making decisions
  • Account for the school’s overall performance and explain the Governing Body’s decisions and actions to anyone who has a legitimate interest
  • Ensure that statutory requirements are met
  • Respect the professional roles and management responsibilities of the head teacher and staff

Governors are not involved in the day to day running of the school: that is the responsibility of the Headteacher.

The full governing body meets once a term (twice in the autumn term). Much of the work of the governing body is done through sub-committees.  The Finance and Human Resources Committee meets every half term.  The Healthy School Committee, the Curriculum and Standards Committee and the Strategic Planning Committee meet once a term.

Click here for Governance Statement November 2020


                                              Who's Who?

 Catherine Engelhardt

(Chair of Governors)

Co-opted Governor

Jack Mckeown

(Vice Chair of Governors)

Co-opted Governor

  Kirsty Gooderick

Headteacher (Ex-officio)


 Paul Sechiari 

Co-opted Governor


Peter Southgate

LA Governor

Chris Goldsmith

Co-opted Governor


 Lynn Green

Co-opted Governor


 Sue Lovelock

Parent Governor

Eleanor Sturge

Co-opted Governor 


 Felicity Justice

Staff Governor 


Emma Maddison

Co-opted Governor


James Vokins

Parent Governor 

 Fiona Rutherford

Co-opted Governor




Governors' Information & Register of Interests

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