Merton Park Primary School

Mission, Values and Vision 

Our mission 

Merton Park Primary exists to provide a high-quality education; ensure excellent outcomes and provide a range of opportunities for all our pupils and colleagues through an inclusive, ambitious and engaging curriculum.

We also exist to help our pupils understand the world they live in, their culture and others, and develop the wherewithal to live fulfilled lives and contribute positively to that world. 

Our values

At Merton Park Primary School …                                  

  • All are welcomed
  • All are valued
  • All are inspired

Our vision

A school where everyone can flourish.

The vision for our pupils is to create:

Successful Learners:

  • who enjoy learning and have the knowledge to make progress and achieve

Confident Individuals:

  • who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives

Responsible Citizens:

  • who respect their rights and the rights of others (equality); the identity, language and values of countries & cultures (including their own) and respect the natural environment.
  • who make a positive contribution to society and believe in global responsibility.